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Legends of IdleOn-Idle MMO is Free-to-play, currently has extremely positive reviews

First released for mobile devices, Legends of IdleOn also arrived on the PC last Friday (02) via Steam. The title has surprised users of the platform, who did not know the game, for its excellent quality, even more because it was developed by just one person. So much so, that on Valve's game distribution platform, the game, which is Free-to-play, currently has extremely positive reviews (94% of the 650 reviews are positive reviews about the game).

Okay, but what's so special about Legends of IdleOn that makes people so optimistic about the game?

It's probably about no grind and the ability to play offline (even after logging out, your character is still "working" in the game). "Whether you have a few minutes to play or a full day, Legends of Idleon provides the perfect MMO."

Legends of IdleOn also has 38 available classes, 600 unique abilities and a huge world that we can unlock one by one and face more and more dangerous monsters / bosses. Plus standard MMO elements

The game description says: "Idle games are usually just click boxes and numbers. However, in this idle MMORPG you can build your own guild of unique characters and actually play as such, carry out attacks and complete missions! And work while offline get all of your characters together to collect resources, craft items, and defeat bosses! Whatever you want to do, IdleOn! MMO brings you some of the most content-rich systems you'll see in any idle game! "

if you are a beginner of Legends of Idleon MMO and want to know which class to choose, this guide will explain the best classes to pick for your first and second characters.

This is short, but because I know that a lot of people will choose to be a mage first, I wanted to get this out quickly. Pick either warrior or archer first, because while afk farming, their town skills will compliment each other.

As part of its Idle mechanics, the title includes systems that can interact with other systems in order to unlock other systems. Regarding the MMORPG mechanics, players can chat with friends through in-game chat, join and evolve guilds with friends, or join random people to explore the world together. The game currently has more than 40 different NPCs, which offer more than 135 unique missions to complete, in addition to 70 different locations with different biomes. To learn more, you can join the game's Discord, which already has over 35,000 participants.

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