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Antonia Bayle-Evil Antonia Bayle-Good

Befallen-Evil Befallen-Good Blackburrow-Evil
Blackburrow-Good Butcherblock-Evil Butcherblock-Good

Crushbone-Evil Crushbone-Good

Darathar-Evil Darathar-Good

Everfrost-Evil Everfrost-Good

Guk-Evil Guk-Good

Innovation-Evil Innovation-Good

Kithicor-Evil Kithicor-Good

Lucan DLere-Evil Lucan DLere-Good

Mistmoore-Evil Mistmoore-Good

Nagafen-Evil Nagafen-Good Najena-Evil
Najena-Good Nektulos-Evil Nektulos-Good

Oasis-Evil Oasis-Good

Permafrost-Evil Permafrost-Good

Runnyeye-Evil Runnyeye-Good

Splitpaw-Evil Splitpaw-Good Storms-Evil

Talendo-Evil Talendo-Good The Bazaar-Evil
The Bazaar-Good

Unrest-Evil Unrest-Good

Valor-Evil Valor-Good Vox-Evil

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