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The latest Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord patches focuses on fixing crash bugs

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord has been quite successful so far. The game has been on a roll since its launch on Steam, but not everything has been smooth. Like every other new game, Bannerlord has some issues, quite a few if we are being honest. The developers are busy working on patches and updates to reduce the issues and improve the player’s experience. The latest patch, e1.2.0, fixed multiple crash issues which will make the game more stable.

The update also made some balancing changes. In the weapons department, Menavlion was too OP. The patch nerfed its damage from 147 to 129 and its length from 200 to 179. Damage for Heavy Menavlion and Long Menavlion was also reduced. That’s not all, as in the troops department, Battania received the biggest buff. Troop count in every department has been increased and armor for Mounted Warrior was doubled.

Patch e1.2.0 was made to accompany the game's current beta branch being moved to its main Steam branch. There's also a separate update for the beta branch, but this patch focuses on the fully released Steam game; as mentioned above, its primary fixes were focused on crashing in multiplayer, including a rare server crash and issues related to crowded servers. In addition, the patch adds some balance to various faction troops: Battania, Empire, Vlandia, Sturgia, and Aserai have all received tweaks. If you want to know where to buy Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Accounts, will be your best choice.

New changes are being trialed in the beta now, including major performance upgrades that aim to reduce loading time and game performance in battles. The game will also now be stopping you from stealing equipment from party members.

The beta 1.3.0 additions are extensive, including tweaks to the AI, art, and overall quality-of-life in the in-depth medieval simulator. These changes will be tested in the beta for at least a week before they're rolled out in game, but if you want to get your hands on them first you can opt into the beta branch by accessing the game properties in your Steam library.

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