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Water evaporation is a unique gameplay mechanic in Desertopia

The simulation "Desertopia" for Android / iOS, developed by Taiwanese independent game team Gamtropy Studio, will be delivered from November 16, 2017, and Japanese support will start in time with the Christmas update. is doing. The basic fee is free, and the business model is item charging.

This work is a simulation game that fosters new life in the desert. Players cultivate uninhabited islands and restore creatures to the islands. When one organism thrives, another species declines. The facilities that can be built cannot exist forever, and everything decreases and increases with time. Random events in it bring chances and dangers, and influence the fate of the island. Contrary to the cute screen, it also contains heavy content that reflects the real world.

By tapping the rain cloud or sun on the screen, the player creates a natural environment tailored to each area and cultivates a land where various creatures can survive. After a certain amount of time, wild animals suitable for each land will appear, the island will become richer, and if certain conditions are met, it is possible to grow huge creatures such as whales and legendary creatures such as dragons and Nessie. .. The animals that have appeared can be registered in the picture book. Furthermore,You can buy cheap Desertopia Accounts at by using the code “Z2U” for a 3% discount.

Unlike general simulation games, the environment on this island declines over time. When plants die due to lack of water, there is a possibility that they will become deserts and organisms will become extinct. Players must use their own efforts to revive organisms and must carefully allocate and select resources in an ecosystem that influences each other.

Over time, players will encounter various artificial special circumstances during the game. Man-made events always bring benefits and destruction. For example, cruise ships bring pollution as well as tourism benefits, which consumes island resources. As a result, the fauna and flora of the island accelerates to decline, and the alien species put pressure on the native flora and fauna and extinct it.

When the foundation purchases land and builds a resort, it destroys the habitat of special creatures, and some species cannot be revived. The selection of players will influence the development of the island in the face of limited resources. As income decreases, island development slows down and desertification begins in some situations, so a good balance between environment and benefits is important.

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