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WoW Classic,these rare items you get by fishing

Fishing in World of Warcraft (buy now for 12,99 €) - for some players a meditative and very relaxing activity, for others the most boring thing in the world. If you belong to the latter group, we may be able to do some lobbying for the sideline with this guide to rare items. For those who patiently throw out the rod, has the chance of special items. What rare items you fish from the waters of Azeroth, we list below for you. If you are on the desktop PC, you can simply move the mouse over the items and then get the respective tooltip displayed.

Fishing in WoW Classic: special treasures
The one ring
Please do not have too high expectations, because the drop chance on this ring is underground low. You can not do anything to change that. The One Rings is a randomly given treasure.

Stylish duels win: A mace with the look of a fish, so you can actually beat your opponents with a fish. Great! In order to find the Steel Scrapper, you must have at least 55 skill points in angling, or better at least 150, so it will not cut you off.

Fishing in WoW Classic: "Nebenhand" -fish
If you are lucky enough to find the following side hands, you can find them all at fishing posts that match the level of the "off-hand fish". Unlike the Stahlschuppenknautscher, you can not hit it stylish with the "weapons" - but at least your hero looks fantastic with it.

    12-pound mud snatcher
    32-pound catfish
    42-pound red gills
    85-pound power fish
    29-pound salmon
    103-pound power fish

Fishing in WoW Classic: Special boxes
When fishing you will get with luck one of four different box types. You can get boxes of fishing spots everywhere. You get these four box types:

Dented Crate (Level 15):
    May contain: Coarse blasting powder, A handful of copper studs, copper pipe, or copper modulator

Soaked Box (Level 25)
    May contain: Heavy Blasting Powder, Coarse Blasting Powder, Bronze Tube, Copper Modulator, or Bronze Scaffold, and with good luck, Hammer of Vespers

Sealed box (Level 35)
    May contain Heavy Blasting Powder, Iron Brace, Bronze Scaffold, or Gyrochronatom

Heavy Box (Level 45)
    May contain Robust Blasting Powder, Mithril Shell, Refined Mithril Cylinder, or Goblin Rocket Fuel

Fishing in WoW Classic: Suitcases
You receive suitcases from floating wreckage parts, which are marked with a luminous ring. Every pool of wreckage has the chance to complain about various items. You will either receive one of four different suitcases, strangers or a spirited consolation prize like rum.

Well sealed case (Level 15) - Darkshore, Loch Modan, Westfall.
    Commonly Contained: Linen Cloth Bales, Woolen Balls, Light Leather, Medium Leather, Lesser Healing Potion, Weak Mana Potion
    Rarely contains low-level prescriptions, armor pieces or bags

Waterproof Suitcase (Level 25) - Silverwood, Wetlands, Hillsbrad Foothills
    Also contains: Woolen Balls, Silk Bales, Medium Leather, Heavy Leather, Healing Potion, Low Mana Potion
    It rarely contains: Moss Agate, Lesser Moonstone, Armor Parts, and Bags

Iron-Studded Suitcase (Level 35) - Arathi Highlands, Desolace, Stranglethorn Vale, Dustwallow Marshes
    Often contains: Silk Cloth Bales, Magic Bales, Heavy Leather, Thick Leather, Great Healing Potion, Mana Potion
    It rarely contains: citrine, jade, armor pieces and bags

Mithril Studded Suitcase (Level 45) - Azshara, Feralas, Stranglethorn Vale, Tanaris
    Also contains: Magic Bales, Rune Bales, Thick Leather, Rugged Leather, Superior Healing Potion, Large Mana Potion
    It rarely contains: Aquamarine, Citrine, Star Ruby, Armor Parts, Recipes and Bags

Fishing in WoW Classic: Treasures of Swarms
In each level area you will find various shoals of fish, which however do not give as interesting rewards as the tasty fish swarms in the Stranglethorn Vale (ATTENTION: only during the fishing competition, which comes in a later Classic phase). In addition to another weapon that you stylishly attack other players, you will be lucky enough to receive various items for three quests. As a reward for completing the tasks then beckons special fishing equipment.

    Rock niche Strongfish
    Brownell's Blue-Striped Flitfish for the quest Special Fish - Brownell's Blue-Striped Whisker. As a Questbehnung you get Nat Pagles extreme ankle boots
    Dezianian Queenfish for the quest Special Fish - Dezianian Queenfish. As a Questbehnung you get Extreme Tested Eterniumangelschnur

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