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WoW Classic Phase 2 brings PvP, a dragon and better items

If you populate the world of Classic, you must adhere to the rules there. They have not changed over the many years - but not everyone remembers that without flying mounts a roof in PvP mutated into a nasty cheat.

No damage, infinitely invisible or Instakills - you probably think about that, when cheats and exploits are the keyword. In WoW (now for € 12.99 buy) Classic but this is much easier, because then you can make a roof to the exploiter. This reminded an adventurer in the subreddit of WoW Classic.

The honor system comes: Phase 2 of WoW Classic brings the PvP system into play. The system of honor allows you to be honored by killing players of the other faction. The more honor you collect in a week compared to other players on the server, the better your ranking will be in the weekly rating. Ranking allows you to buy PvP rewards in the form of better equipment.

New dungeon with better items: Part of WoW Classic Phase 2 is also the Dungeon Dire Maul. This was withheld by Blizzard due to player feedback for this phase. Originally he was supposed to be there for the release of WoW Classic, but he has some very strong items in the loot table.

In Subreddit directly a player shared a contribution of the developer from the year 2005, in which this rule has already been explained. In this respect, it is a requirement that is the same age as WoW. However, if you get caught for the first time, you can expect a warning - but you should not risk it. But this is only about the possibility of the guards to reach you physically or lose their aggro in the designated area. To disappear from the field of vision of the guards is of course fine. The Game Master has also written that it's about keeping things fair in this regard.

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